COVID-19 Notice

All patrons must wear a facemask in and around the clubhouse area, at all times.

  • To minimize interaction with staff, we ask that only 1 person checks in for the entire group.
  • Play is limited to groups of four, or less, and social distancing of at least 6 feet must always be maintained during the round.
  • There will be no club play reservation during Stay at Home period.
  • One golf cart will be issued per person. Two riders per cart will be allowed for members of the same household. If the cart is shared, all golfers must handle their own equipment.
  • Hole liners on the putting greens have been modified to assist players in removing their ball.
  • The flagstick must not be touched or removed from the hole for any reason by a golfer.
  • All rakes have been removed on the golf course.
  • Special Rules of Golf for a ball in a bunker. Due to the absence of rakes, there will be preferred lies in bunkers. A golfer may pick up their golf ball and smooth the sand with their foot or hand. The golf ball then should be replaced as near as possible to the original spot in the bunker without penalty.
  • The practice range, practice putting green, chipping green and practice bunker will be open. All practice areas are restricted to 10 or fewer people, with social distancing required.

This notice is subject to change by Hawaii state government.