Golf Notes

1. Dress Code:
  1. Proper golf attire for all players and riders:  collared shirts, golf shorts or slacks
  2. NO tank tops; T-shirts; jeans; beach sandals; slippers
  3. Please consider bringing a light jacket or windbreaker for possible rain & wind.
2. Clubs and Shoes:
  1. Rental clubs/shoes availability and pricing vary with each course. Please see individual course details.
  2. No metal spikes.
    If possible, please provide your own shoes due to limited rental availability.
    Only soft spikes and athletic shoes are allowed.
  3. Players must use their own golf clubs– sharing clubs is not allowed.
  4. Any damage to or loss of rental clubs is player’s responsibility.
  5. Please check the number of clubs and their condition before play, and inform golf course staff of any problems
3. Player Pairing:

The golf course may assign other players to your party UNLESS you have purchased a “Twosome” or “Threesome” guarantee (GTE).

  1. For 1 player:  the Golf Course may include you  with other players.
  2. For 2 players: the Golf Course may combine you with others to form a three-or foursome if you have not purchased a GTE.
  3. For 3 players: the Golf Course may combine you with a single player to form a foursome if you have not purchased a GTE
  4. 4 players will play as a ” Foursome”.
  5. For 5 players or more – a two-and three-some GTE must be purchased in order to guarantee play together, since
    pairings are determined by the Golf Course.
  6. For 6 players – Golf Course will consider your party as a foursome plus a twosome, and  may pair 2 of your party with 2 other players.
    You will not be considered as a group of 2 three-somes.
4. Lost and Found:

My Golf Hawaii will hold any lost or forgotten items for up to 48 hours.
You or your Travel Agent must pick up the item(s)  at our office (Tachibana Enterprises)  between 9am-5pm M-F (or by special arrangement on weekends–please contact us)

5. Inclement Weather:

You will not be charged if the golf course or My Golf Hawaii (Tachibana Enterprises) deems the course unplayable. 

  1. You will not be charged if you cancel at the time of pickup due to severe weather
  2. If you have already been  transported to the golf course and decide not to play (for package only) you will be charged a nominal fee:
    $85/player for Makaha Valley Country Club and Turtle Bay Golf.
    $70/player for other Oahu Island golf courses.
  3.  We are unable to offer refunds if you cancel once you have hit the ball 
6. Please note that our golf tours are not available on Honolulu Marathon day.
7. Your tee time is subject to change by the golf course — we will inform you of any changes asap.
8.Tournament Priority:

My Golf Hawaii reserves the right to cancel tee times that conflict with  golf course tournament bookings.

9. Outside food and beverages are not allowed at the golf courses.
10. Guests of the Kahala Hotel and Resort who purchase the Golf package will have an early morning pick-up and may have a late drop off.

Travel Agents, please inform your guests of this at the time of booking.
There will be an additional $10 fee round trip (joint transfer) per person–2-person minimum.
Exclusive transfer also available. Please see attached rate sheet.

11. Return time to the hotel varies with traffic.
12. Two -Tee or Shot Gun Start:

Conditions for these special situations will be issued when requesting bookings for Two-Tee or Shot Gun.

13. Tournament Scoring Fees:

Fees are per player and vary with each golf course. Please contact us for more information.

14. We will only transport golf clubs for golf play. Suitcases cannot be transported due to liability.

Suitcases may be transferred by another company, upon request, additional fees will apply. Please inquire.

15. Please bring a valid photo ID for alcohol purchases.